Sunday, 17 March 2013

Review - Once and For All by Amy Durham

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The book is called Once and For All and it's by Amy Durham. It's the second book in her Sky Cove series, following on from Once Again. It's about a girl called Phoebe Campbell, who is "anything but popular" who is made to work on an art project with school jock, Todd Miller. I know I know, it suggests ALL of the high school cliché's doesn't it. But what I haven't told you is that for unexplained reasons, Todd and Phoebe are experiencing moments of shape-shifting and telepathic connections, together.
This is Amy's second book, and honestly, I've loved both of her Sky Cove series books. Both of her different protagonists, Phoebe and Layla, are really enjoyable narrators who you really feel you can connect with throughout their strange paranormal experiences.
I really loved Phoebe though, because of the artistic side of her, and how interesting it was to see the same setting as the first book through different eyes. Todd was interesting to hear about as well, because both characters were briefly touched upon in the first book, but it was really nice to hear more about them.
If you want my opinion, which you probably do otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, I think Amy Durham is an author to watch when it comes to YA paranormal books, because everything she's written that I've read I can say I have enjoyed 100%
So, dear reader, if you get a chance and want to try something new, I high suggest Amy's two books, Once Again and Once and For All.

4/5 Stars

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